Monday, November 17, 2008

Munchkin Two Snack Catchers

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Features: Snacks come out - only when you want! Ideal for home, daycare, or on the go Soft flaps for easy access Domed lid holds more snacks Rubberized bottom prevents furniture damage Special finger cleaning bumps Holds 9oz. of snacks2 Snack Catchers per package ColorsGreen / Orange:1 Green Cup w/ Purple Lid and 1 Orange Cup w/ Blue LidPurple / Blue:1 Purple Cup w/ Green Lid and 1 Blue Cup w/ Yellow Lid

Munchkin Two Snack Catchers:- These are the coolest things you could possibly have if you child is already snacking on goldfish, cereal, grapes or anything small like that. they can grab and hold their own food without you having to worry about picking up a mess later. there's no lid that you have to remove, unlike what i used to have to remove when i carried my sons snacks around. they're ready to go! these are especially great for the car. with my son my car is a disaster from all the little things he used to eat and then drop. this is no longer an issue with this. although my son is a little thinker and loves to figure out how things work, so when he's bored he'll get fancy and make a small mess, but as long as your kid is hungry and isn't too worried about how this little cup is supplying their food, no worries for you. i especially like these ones compared to another brand, "snack trap" i believe, these are see through, and i think they look a lot better. i like the way the plastic feels also.

My son loves them and carries them around everywhere. Every mother that I meet wants to know where I got them. They are deep enough to hold a good amount of food and for your child to get his hand in and out. The lid stays well put and you don't have to worry about food spilling everywhere.

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